Supply Chain Management

Accenture works with clients across a broad range of industries to deliver innovative supply chain strategies and solutions that enable profitable growth in new and existing markets.

In today's volatile global business environment companies are being forced to reconsider their supply chain strategy as they try to reconcile their supply chain operations with increased and permanent volatility. Most existing supply chain strategies were built on the assumption of stability, and designed to plan, produce and deliver on a just-in-time basis, thus assuring lean operations and inventory. In today’s marketplace the lack of flexibility in these supply chain designs hinders a company’s ability to rapidly respond to changing conditions.

Committed to helping clients achieve high performance through supply chain mastery, we combine global industry experience and skills in supply chain planning and strategy, sourcing and procurement, manufacturing, product design, fulfillment and service management to help organizations transform their supply chain capabilities. We collaborate with clients to implement innovative consulting and outsourcing solutions that align operating models to support business strategies, optimize global operations, enable profitable product launches, and enhance the skills and capabilities of the supply chain workforce.